Houseables Bungee Ball Nylon, Stretch Cord, 6 Inches, 24 Bungees, Black, 1 Inch Balls, Premium-Grade Rubber, UV Resistant Tarps, Bungie, Tarp Clips, Mini Canopy Accessories, Photography, Straps

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Multi-purpose Use You'll find that there are endless uses for our bungee balls. With such versatility, you'll determine these to be an indispensable tool. The high-quality, high-flexibility will hold components in place with precision tension. Hang tarps and canopies to create shade during those harsh summer months. Use them to hang banners and signs for a secured display. For those with an entertainment center or a large computer setup, use our bungee balls to keep cords and cables in a neat and orderly manner. Extreme Reach Our bungee balls have a high elasticity making them great for stretching to great lengths. Don't worry about the bungee cord portion snapping as we've designed the bungee with an ultra-strong rubber. Our Bungee balls can withstand extreme weather, whether it be the desert sun, a tropical rainstorm, or a high wind advisory. The 1-inch ball is designed to loop through the cords for a tightly secured holding. UV Resistant Classic bungee cords erode under extended periods of time under the sun, but our bungee cord balls are covered in a UV resistant outer jacket to prevent such damage. Now you'll be able to secure your items under the hot sun without cracking or drying out. Our industrial-grade rubber will keep its elasticity through a grueling summer so your most valuable things can stay and secure. Simple, Inexpensive, Quick, and Useful Once you purchase yourself a pack of our bungee balls, you'll find the uses to be endless. Stock up on bungee balls so when you're finally tackling your to-do list you'll be prepared for any task that may arise. With the bungee balls being quite small, you'll be able to store them with ease. Pack them on your next camping trick and you'll thank yourself later when you find them to be a critical tool.

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6-INCH BUNGEE CORD - Our bungee balls come with 6 inches of bungee cord so you're able to bind and enclose a wide array of items. The tough nylon bungee is made from an industrial-grade rubber bound by a protective fabric covering so it won't ever lose its elasticity. STRETCHES TO 7.25 INCHES - The elastic portion of our bungee balls stretch to an impressive 7.25 inches to give you the most stretch for your money. Now you can fit more items in a bunch without compromising the integrity of the bungee cord. 24 BUNGEE BALLS - Receive 24 bungee balls to wrap, bind, and secure a whole host of things. With more than enough bungees, you'll be able to accomplish a number of tasks from hanging a tarp to bunching together cables and wires. LONG LASTING - The elasticity of the bungee won't wear out and become stiff over time. Made with a premium-grade rubber covered by a UV resistant jacket, our bungee balls were built to withstand the harshest sunlight. MULTI-PURPOSE - Our bungee balls can be used for a variety of purposes, mainly to hold two items together. Particularly well suited for photography to secure flashes to poles or umbrellas to light stands. Whatever your needs may be our bungee balls are there to help.

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